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Fordyce Condition and Depression

Fordyce condition is indicated by the presence of small bumps, most often white, pale or reddish in colour in both the male and female genitalia. Specifically, these bumps appear on the penis, the labia and sometimes even around or on lips of the face. Men and women, from young to adult, can suffer from this condition. Even though the spots are not related to any sort of genital cancer or sexually transmitted disease, they do profoundly affect the self-image of those who bear them. Sexual identity and confidence can be easily damaged. Anything out of the ordinary can really cause emotional distress, even depression.

The bumps and spots caused by Fordyce condition can be quite visible along the shaft, base and head of the penis. Their appearance can often lead men to assume that sexual partners will find them unappealing, or worse, defective in some way. They speculate that nobody will be willing to enjoy intimacy with them. This can lead to a vicious cycle, in which the man avoids all sexual contact, assuming harsh judgment from potential partners and then he heaps that harsh judgment upon himself since nobody seems to want him, even though it is he who has chosen to withdraw.

Women are no less immune to the debilitating effects of self doubt associated with Fordyce condition. They don’t want an intimate moment ruined by a partner’s negative reaction to the appearance of the bumps and spots. These imagined scenarios of rejection are a very common side effect and the emotions they stir are quite strong. Neither women nor men wish to be labelled in a way that may damage or hurt them even beyond the immediate embarrassing situation. Nobody wants to be the subject of public ridicule or negative sexual innuendo, especially when it concerns the most intimate parts of their identities. Fear of these outcomes often leads to depression.

The good news is that Fordyce condition is easily treatable. It is not a disease. It is not an indicator of poor hygiene. It doesn’t have to be the death knell of someone’s sex life or social possibilities. Once a person knows what the condition is, and that it is harmless and quite common, he or she can move forward and begin to enjoy all aspects of life again with confidence. While the bumps may never disappear completely, their size and appearance can be diminished greatly with treatment. There are many options available and nobody should be forced to suffer needlessly.

Anti-Sebum is a topical treatment that reduces the visibility and size of Fordyce spots.

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