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Fordyce Cure – It Can Be Done

Fordyce spots are small, whitish bumps and spots that can be found on the penile shaft, the lips and on a woman’s labia. These bumps and spots have a different look to them and can be the cause of much embarrassment. For people who are not familiar with Fordyce bumps and spots, the first assumption is that these spots and bumps are a type of sexually transmitted disease. Because of this factor, many people begin to look for a Fordyce cure. Since a Fordyce spot is caused by a gland in the body, there may not be a true cure.

One cure that can be tried is a wart removal treatment. Fordyce spots and a wart are treated in much the same way. The Fordyce spots can be burned off completely removing the bumps. The Fordyce spots can also be frozen off with liquid nitrogen. While these methods will completely remove the spots from the skin, these methods are extremely painful and may not be a solid cure. Because the skin is always growing, it is a very real possibility that the Fordyce spots may eventually come back.

Gels and creams are a common Fordyce cure that is commonly tried. Gels and creams are easy to use. They are applied directly to the affected area and are left to be absorbed into the skin. This absorbing is how the gel begins to do its work. It begins by absorbing the excess oils and greases in the skin and slowing reversing the process. Once all of the oils and grease is removed from the skin, the skin can begin to heal itself and function in the proper way. This can end up being a lifelong battle as the skin is always growing and there is always room for the sebaceous gland to flare up again.

One power gel product that works as a Fordyce Cure is Anti-Sebum. This is a product that was made directly for use to treat Fordyce bumps and spots. When Anti-Sebum is used, the gel is applied directly to the skin. This gel is absorbed into the skin and begins absorbing all of the excess oils that are left in the skin and in the sebaceous glands. Anti-Sebum needs to be used twice daily and can take as long as two weeks before any results are to be seen. While this can seem like a long time, it is worth the wait. Click here for more information about the condition.

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