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Fordyce Spots and Genital Warts – Understanding the Differences between Them

There are two issues that men and women have to deal with in their lower regions that often get confused with one another: Fordyce spots and genital warts. A lot of people actually assume they are the same condition, and thus people that have Fordyce spots often avoid talking about their issues because they think they come from a sexually transmitted disease or even some form of cancer. In all actuality, genital warts are nothing like Fordyce spots, and there is a large percentage of the population impacted by the latter. Let’s go over some of the differences so you can pinpoint exactly what you have.


Genital warts Biopsy

One of the main differences between Fordyce spots and genital warts is the size of the issue. Fordyce spots are often tiny bumps that are roughly the size of a pen head. Genital warts, however, are much larger, and they take on a round shape on the surface of the skin. Both of the conditions may show up in clusters, but Fordyce spots tend to look more uniform. The warts may all blend together to form a bubbly surface on the skin. The spots just put a texture over it. Both Fordyce spots and genital warts can be found on other areas of the body, predominantly the lips. Fordyce spots, however, often show up on the nipples – a place where you don’t see genital warts. Both do show up on the genital area most of the time, but Fordyce spots will be seen in other areas more often than genital warts will, predominantly mucous membranes.


Fordyce spots Biopsy

The reason for the spread of locations is based on how each problem is transmitted. Fordyce spots are not contagious. They occur naturally in the body as a gland that usually turns into a hair follicle. When that doesn’t happen, the gland may show up on the surface of the skin. Genital warts come from a sexually transmitted disease, and they are only passed through open wounds on the body. They do not surface naturally. Both Fordyce spots and genital warts may be unpleasant to live with, but it is important to note the differences between the two.

If you are looking for a treatment for Fordyce spots, we have a special formula that targets the glands causing the bumps. Anti-Sebum contains natural active ingredients that absorb into your skin making it smoother once again. There will be no more insecurities.

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