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Fordyce Spots Women – Harmless Bumps or Spots That Can Be Treated

Fordyce spots women have are located on the labia and appear as small white or pale raised bumps or spots. The bumps are created naturally from the body and are not contagious nor a sign of an infectious disease. If the bumps are Fordyce spots, basically they are simply a cosmetic concern; however, bumps on the female genitalia can mean more serious problems and diseases so it is always a smart idea to have a doctor make sure a more serious condition is not present. Fordyce spots on women should not cause any pain and can appear on women of any age.


The Fordyce spots women get are a form of ectopic sebaceous gland. Sebaceous glands secretions are usually the cause of the bumps or spots. These glands are mostly around hair follicles and cause Fordyce spots on various parts of the body. Women can experience these cosmetic imperfections on any part of their body including on the borders of their lips on the face. There is some evidence that shows there is a genetic link as to how we get them, but otherwise it is not known. It is known that they are not caused by bacteria or infections.


No treatment is necessary for the Fordyce spots women have and they can simply be left alone. Some women find the spots unpleasant visually and are self conscious that their partner may believe they have some sort of a contagious sexually transmitted disease. If a woman wants to reduce the appearance of the spots there are treatment options. Treatments for the spots a dermatologist performs can include chemical peels, cryosurgery (uses extreme cold to remove spots), and laser treatments. These treatments can cause redness, scarring, scabs to form and burning so it may be best to consider other options for the female genital region. Probably the best option is to try a natural treatment in a cream or gel form


One natural treatment for Fordyce spots women that get has ingredients such as sage extract, vitamin E acetate, sesame extract and silicon elastomer. This treatment, a sebum control made by CU-Skin, extracts excess secretions from the sebaceous glands it’s applied to, shrinks pores, and substantially decreases the amount of secretion from the glands. The skin that is being treated becomes smoother and the appearance of the annoying little bumps or spots disappears. The product can be mailed directly to your home without red flags on the outside of the box showing what you have ordered for your respected privacy. If you want to rid of the unsightly little critters, you may want to try a natural treatment.

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