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How to remove Fordyce spots?

Although Fordyce spots may cause sufferers extreme embarrassment, they are actually harmless. Despite there being no medical evidence to suggest the spots can be passed from one sufferer to another, some people may simply want to get rid of them. The spots may affect their confidence and relationships as they fear the pimples may be a symptom of a sexually transmitted disease or something worse.

One of the most convenient forms of treatment for Fordyce spots comes in a gel form and is called Anti+Sebum. Sufferers who want to reduce the size and appearance of the small yellow coloured pimples need to clean the affected area thoroughly with an unscented soap or shower gel before applying the gel. Some of the most common areas of the body where Fordyce spots may be found are on the shaft of the penis, the labia and around the outer border of the lips.

After cleaning the area, users need to apply a small layer of the gel and wait for it to absorb into the skin. This stage needs to be repeated a second time throughout the day. Depending on the severity of the users’ spots, they may start to see the appearance of the spots reduced within one week’s use.

How does this gel treatment work to remove Fordyce spots? Ingredients such as vitamin A, Regu-Sub and Tocopherol work together to reduce the amount of sebum being produced from the spot. The follicle within the spot tightens and this reduces the size and appearance of the spot.

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