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Sebaceous Prominence – Affects Males Only

A condition that is known to only affect men is a sebaceous prominence. This prominence can also be known as a Fordyce spot but a sebaceous prominence is only found in one specific area on a man’s body. This area is the bottom of the penis shaft and along the penis shaft. The look of the prominences resembles small white in colour bumps and can be the source of much embarrassment. While all prominences are not harmful and are not contagious, these can look like a type of sexually transmitted disease and lead to people questioning exactly what the white bumps are.

A sebaceous prominence is a fairly common occurrence. The glands that produce these prominences are glands that men are born with. About the time that puberty hits is when these prominences begin to start appearing. These can be scary at first but a quick trick to the doctor can determine that they are indeed a sebaceous prominence. If there was additional itching or burning to go along with the spots and bumps, that could lead a doctor to perform different tests and it is very possible that different results will be achieved.

The penile shaft and base of the shaft are filled with sebaceous glands. These glands produce oil that helps to moisturize the skin. When these glands produce too much oil, the glands become clogged and begin to swell. This is what causes a sebaceous prominence. Since the skin is constantly growing and changing, there is no true way to cure a sebaceous prominence. There are however, ways to control and reverse the effects that the sebaceous glands have on the body. Creams and gels are very common ways to help control and bumps or spots.

One type of gel that is commonly used is Anti-Sebum. Anti-Sebum comes in gel form and is applied to the affected area twice daily. To have the best results, once Anti-Sebum is applied, it needs to be left on long enough that it can be fully absorbed into the skin. Once absorbed, Anti-Sebum will begin drying up the excess grease and oil that is found on the skin. The skin will begin to tighten and the glands themselves will begin to return back to their normal size and patterns. Anti-Sebum is great for reversing the effects that swollen sebaceous glands can have on the body. The results are worth the wait and the time needed for the product to work.

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