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Fordyce’s Condition – What Is Fordyce’s Condition?

Fordyce spots, also known as Fordyce’s condition, are small bumps that appear during puberty and last throughout a person’s lifetime. These bumps are harmless and are caused by the naturally occurring oil under the skin, sebum, being trapped. Generally, an oil gland exists under a hair follicle and sends oil to the hair shaft, but if there is not hair, the oil is trapped and forms the bumps. Both men and women can suffer with the condition and the bumps may appear on the lips or genitalia. The bumps are harmless and do not cause any symptoms or discomfort on the affected area.

Men who suffer with Fordyce’s condition of the penis may find the bumps embarrassing and this can lead to low self-confidence and inhibit intimate relationships. When the bumps appear on the penis or in the genital region, many people may find it alarming and suspect they have a sexually transmitted disease, but only a doctor can determine if your bumps are something more serious, such as venereal disease. Fordyce spots can appear on the penis or the vulva, but men are more likely to suffer with the condition than women. If you do notice spots in the genital area contact a doctor for proper diagnosis.

There are some natural ways to treat Fordyce’s condition in both men and women. Eating a healthy diet that includes adequate B-complex vitamins along with vitamins A, C, D, E and K can also help reduce the appearance of spots. In addition, some people find that adding garlic to their diet helps reduce the occurrence of the spots. It is also important to practice good personal hygiene as this may help as well. When the area is treated improperly, it can cause irritation and other problems, so only use products made to treat this specific condition.

There are many treatment options for Fordyce’s condition. One safe and effective treatment is Anti Sebum. This gel is applied to the affect area twice daily and it absorbs the excess oil in and around the affecting area, greatly reducing, and in some cases eliminating, the unsightly spots. The product also helps shrink pores and reduce the production of sebum. You can use Anti Sebum on the lips and the genitals as it made from natural, safe ingredients.

If you suffer with Fordyce’s condition and are embarrassed by it, start using Anti-Sebum today and eliminate the unsightly spots.

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