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Sebaceous prominence

What is sebaceous prominence?

Sebaceous prominence is a harmless condition where sufferers develop white pimples, granules or dots on the skin. Many men develop sebaceous prominence in the genital area, which is why sebaceous prominence is sometimes known as ‘penis pimples’. Women can also suffer from the condition in the genital area, although the condition is reportedly less common in women. The spots can also be present on the lips of both men and women.

Sebaceous prominence is caused by an overgrowth in the sebaceous glands. Normally, sebaceous glands secrete oils that keep the skin moisturised. Sometimes, a problem arises with ectopic sebaceous glands – an abnormally large number of sebaceous glands in certain areas. This causes the appearance of small white spots or pimples.

Although sebaceous prominence is not harmful or contagious, many who suffer from it still aim to cure the condition. As well as being unsightly, the white spots or pimples can cause concern for sexual partners, who may believe that the sufferer has a sexually transmitted disease. In fact, sebaceous prominence is a product of the body’s own processes, and has no connection with sexual activity or any other external source of illness or infection.


Have I got sebaceous prominence?

In many cases, you can determine for yourself whether or not you are suffering from sebaceous prominence.

Sebaceous prominence is characterised by white pimples, spots, granules or lesions on the penis. Sebaceous prominence is normally found on the base or shaft of the penis. The white spots may be found in small groups or larger numbers, and occasionally appear in rows. They look a little like hair follicle glands, but do not have hairs growing from them.

Sometimes, the individual spots resulting from sebaceous prominence become red or inflamed. Some can be squeezed, resulting in a discharge of white pus. The pimples or spots usually become more visible when the penis is erect.

If you are in any doubt over whether you actually have sebaceous prominence or another, more serious condition, consult your doctor. Self-examination is not a substitute for a professional medical exam.


Treating sebaceous prominence

Although the condition of sebaceous prominence is completely harmless, the appearance of the spots, lesions or stains can be distressing to sufferers. Many, quite understandably, become convinced that they are suffering from a sexually transmitted disease. In reality, sebaceous prominence is neither harmful nor contagious – although sufferers often seek a cure in order to avoid the embarrassment and worry caused by the appearance of the prominent white spots.

The key to treating sebaceous prominence is to reduce the amount of sebum (grease) in the skin, and reduce the appearance of ectopic sebaceous glands. The Anti-Sebum treatment has been specially developed by CUSKIN Cosmeceuticals to treat sebaceous prominence, also known as Fordyce spots.

If you suffer from sebaceous prominence and you want to find a cure, check out our page on Fordyce spots treatment. The Anti-Sebum product is highly effective on sebaceous prominence, also known as Fordyce spots, and can greatly reduce the appearance of white spots and pimples on the penis. If you’re finding that sebaceous prominence is restricting your sex life, or reducing the intimacy you can enjoy with your partner, consider Anti-Sebum as a treatment for sebaceous prominence.

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